Pastors Debbie & Oscar Roberson
Oscar and Debbie were both widowed when they met, with each having been blessed with 30+ years of marriage. Oscar says, now all together, they’ve been married 67 years! Just five years together now and they believe God has been preparing them separately but has now joined them in this season of life for ministry.
Debbie has been involved in church ministry for more than 40 years. Although she’s been a licensed minister since the age of 18, most of her ministry until recent years has been in the music department and supporting other ministries. But in the last few years, having become an ordained minister, has served as an associate pastor for three years and then a senior pastor (with Oscar’s encouragement and indispensable assistance) for one  year in Poplar Bluff and now over three years here together with Oscar as Pastors and Founders of Safe Haven Community Church in Doniphan.
Although feeling the call into the ministry as a younger man, Oscar has just recently sensed the timing was finally right. With Debbie’s encouragement, He is answering that call and has received the training required to obtain credentials, while at the same time, experiencing on-the-job-training.
Before meeting Oscar, Debbie realized the call to pastor would be so much more challenging without a ministry partner. So as she sensed the leading of the Lord, she placed what they call a profile on Christian and Oscar had done the same. Debbie was drawn to Oscar’s profile and loved what she saw…Well, you guessed it… after describing her life’s calling and insisting that she would settle for nothing less than a ministry partner as well as life partner… the “Match” was made, in “Heaven”.
When Oscar saw Debbie’s profile, he was nudged by the Spirit and he asked the Lord, “Could that ministry partner be me?”
They believe God said, “YES!”